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I'm a down to earth person who likes a good laugh and enjoys people watching.  I'm perceptive and able to quickly and accurately grasp the big picture.


I thrive in new environments due to a deep love of learning and a thirst for new knowledge and personal growth. I love discovering and designing solutions to problems. 


I'm ready to give it a go, tenacious when I need to be but able to let go if the goal posts change. 

Meeting deadlines is a fundamental part of my approach to meeting client expectations; I'm a professional at heart.  I am outcome focused and deliver on time and in your voice.  It is natural for me to look towards improvement, for myself, my business and my clients' businesses. 


My skills are borne out of an eclectic career journey as a Chartered Certified Accountant, Internal Audit and Risk Manager followed by a sharp turn into professional health, wellbeing and lifestyle coaching which is where I began to develop my visual graphics skills.  Critical throughout each career turn has been an ability to see the bigger picture quickly and translate that understanding into readily absorbable, and actionable solutions.  Interpreting information, translating it into layman's terms, free from the complications of technical jargon is also key; marrying this with creativity and business acumen provides you with a unique service.


All the work I take on supports a deep seated need for self expression and creativity whilst providing flexibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  Being present with my family and staying tuned in to theirs and my own health needs are values which are of the utmost importance to me.



clare chibi eyedeer.png


i'm the inspiration behind 

eyedeer; i'm happiest when i'm being creative. i've taken a while to find my niche but now i'm right in the groove

chief eyedeers person

(client contact)

graham chibi eyedeer.png


graham quietly squirrels away in the background if i need some technical help with software and hardware issues

geeky tech-research lead

paige chibi eyedeer.png


with no filter, paige is 

exactly who i need to give me immediate feedback before i eat my final piece of chocolate and press send

initial feedback-er

(and chief chocolate bringer)

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